When To Go To The ER If Your Child Has Asthma


Not every asthma attack that is suffered is a reason to go to the emergency room. Nonetheless, there are obvious things to do take notice of and it is these signs specifically that a parent needs to watch for when their child has an asthma attack.

Some of the very critical, as well as life-threatening symptoms, which do guarantee, a quick visit to the emergency room are as follows. If your child is visibly not breathing, or has passed out while experiencing an asthma attack. Other specific symptoms are if they are struggling to breathe and their lips or skin is blue in appearance.

When to go to the ER if your child has asthma and needs medical attention now is now! Never take a chance if any of these warning signs are present. As asthma is extremely life threatening and is a more than a proven killer of so many children. For more information on this and other topics browse are library of PDF’s here.