When it comes to cyber bullying; most of the time the bully is unknown. The person who does the bullying keeps their identity hidden. They do all they can to make life horrible for you. This is all done from a distance.
Cyber bullying uses all kinds of technology.

This includes:

The Internet.
Those who do the cyber bullying can send emails from an unknown address. They also do not reveal the name of the person who sends the email. This email can come in the form of: untrue rumors, threats, lies and messages. The emails might also include pictures that were captured on their phone camera without seeking permission. These pictures could be very embarrassing. You may not even be aware that these pictures were taken. Email address books can also be hacked into. This allows them to send these photos on to all who know you.

Cyber bullying on websites usually occur on pages that allow you to talk about whatever you like. They allow you to put up photographs and invite you to make comments. These things can often be used to harm or embarrass their chosen victims.

Mobile Phones.
Cyber bullies can also find your phone number. This allows them to send you video’s, photographs and text messages. The contacts on your phone may also get these. Not only this, your phone number may be withheld. This means that you will not know who is behind all of this.

How can you be protected from Cyber bullying?

There are a few different ways you can protect yourself from cyber bullying. These include:

  • Never give your phone number to strangers. The same goes with your email address, or social media pages and other details.
  • Remove email addresses you have received before sending to other people. If you send it on, ask those people to do the same. This will stop other people from getting your details.
  • When you send group emails, always put their address details in the ‘bcc’ field. Put your email address in the ‘to’ field. This way your friends are protected. The other email addresses are also hidden.
  • Always use a pretend name when commenting on blogs or going on chat websites.
  • Keep all passwords to yourself. Never give them out. Be sure that other people cannot see you entering your passwords.

What can you do if you experience cyber bullying? 

  1. Always tell someone in authority you are being bullied. Never be afraid to speak out. It does not matter what kind of bullying it is.
  2. Get a new phone number, new email etc and make them private. Don’t forget to delete all your old details.
  3. If there are photos and other things posted onto a website; make contact with the owners of website. Ask them to take them all off.
    If the bullying is serious; then go to the police.

We have seen Cyber bullying use all kinds of technology. The good news is, you can protect yourself from this and prevent it from happening.