Wellness Checkup Tips
Going to Brickyard Pediatrics for wellness checkups should be a pleasant event for both you and your child. Here are a few tips to possibly help you when you come in for your appointment.

Time it right  – Do not make an appointment that’ll coincide with your kid’s naps or meals if avoidable, and avoid periods when he or she will get fussy. Feed him ahead or pack snacks.

Dress your infant for success  – Avert multilayered outfits or clothing with tons of buttons and snaps. Many toddlers do not enjoy having their shoes taken off, so remove them and choose for slip ons before the examination.

Stop Potential Problems – If you already know your child is spooked by the scale, request the nurse to hold off weighing her till the end of the physical.

Bring pictures or videos –  Snap a picture with your smart-phone to show the physician just how poor/bad the rash was three days ago.

 Write it down – Bring a listing of questions so that you do not forget anything significant you need to discuss. You may even find it helpful to put important information in your phone to assist you on recalling the physician’s answers and directions after you leave.

Speak freely  – There is no such thing as a daft question. Simply ask , if you need to know whether something is ordinary or whether your kid must have a brand new evaluation or vaccine you have read for a few examples. The main goal of these wellness baby checkups would be to get support and info from your physician. Use Dr. Connery’s knowledge while you are there.

Be honest  – If your kid is not sleeping enough or is eating a lot of junk food, fess up; accurate judgments can be made by your doctor only in the event you tell the truth to him.

Do not worry –  Unhappy Moms reflect exam stress. Instead of being apprehensive yourself, engage the physician with “happy to be here” greetings and facial gestures. She/he wi’ll be much more concerted, when the infant feels the physician is a mother/father “approved individual”.