Violent Video Games Reduce Teens' Self-Control

The world cumulatively spends over three billion hours each week playing video games. This may surprise you but even so, it is still a fact. Therefore, it is highly likely that your son or your daughter is spending a substantial amount of time playing video games. Some of these video games may be violent while others may be nonviolent video games. The debate over the actual effect of violent games on our teens is still ongoing. However, the truth is starting to emerge. Here is how violent video games reduce teens’ self-control.

– Violent Video Games Make Violence Acceptable

Violence is never acceptable at any time in our lives. At times, we are compelled to defend ourselves but that would be a different case altogether. Violent video games usually involve killing people, beating them up or even maiming them just to score points. In the end, our teens believe that violence is okay when it has a given objective attached to it. For example, they may start feeling that it is okay to beat up someone just to get what they want from that person.

– Violent Video Games Give Teens Ideas on How to Be Violent

Your teens may be violent at times. You need to observe the kind of violent acts that they are perpetrating. You will find that these acts closely resemble those acts that they witness in violent video games. In other words, your teens are trying to relive what they see in violent video games.

– Violent Video Games Make Violence Seem Normal and Inconsequential

Violence in violent video games is the norm. It is the way the game is. In addition, the violence is inconsequential. To put it differently, no one really dies or gets hurt. The game will always reboot or restart as and when desired by your teens. This is not how real life works. Your teens will start hitting each other, fighting with other teens and hurting other living things all the while believing that there are no consequences. Eventually, they will discover that we live in a world of consequences.

In conclusion, violent video games reduce teens’ self-control. It is no longer a debate. This is a fact. Help your teens before it is too late. Do not allow them to play violent video games.