Tv is the most notable media with a excellent influence upon kids. Based on independent surveys nearly 75% of kids watch television like an activity. The level of the effect associated with TV relies on numerous factors such as just how much TV children view, what their age is, as well as their own personal character. You need to be aware of the effect TV can have on kids.

It is often noticed that chaotic and violent episodes in the news or on shows impact kids the most. Having your child watch TV all day to keep them occupied is not letting them explore their own personalities and imagination. Children also pick up may things from watching others and it is no different with TV. If you let them watch inappropriate material they themselves will start acting out like the movie itself. It is recommended to have your children watch television for only 1 to 2 hours a day. When they watch it  they should be watching something educational to further develop their minds. For more information ask you childs family doctor.