The influence of media on youth smoking

Did you know that tobacco smoking leads to over five million deaths each year? Well, now you know. The dangers associated with smoking are real. These statistics are just a tip of the iceberg. The healthcare cost of smoking in the United States alone is nearly two hundred billion dollars. Truly, we need to do something about smoking and the danger that is poses to everyone. One of the best ways of curbing this vice is by encouraging our youths to stop smoking. However, we need to know what influences them to smoke before we can do this. Here is how the media influences smoking among the youth.

– To Being With, the Media Depicts Smoking as Cool

Smoking is a life threatening activity that our media turns into an accepted and fashionable trend. The media does this through advertisements in magazines, television and other forms of media. These advertisements always place emphasis on the smoker as the person who is cool, composed, rich and fiercely independent. The youth interpret these subliminal messages wrongly. In fact, they believe that smoking is what defines a person who is mature enough.

– In Addition, Hollywood Turns Smoking Into a Favorable Past Time

Have you ever noticed that movie characters always relax by having a smoke or two? Have you also noticed that the movie characters who smoke are actually the heroes in the movie? Well, now you know. This does not happen by default. Rather, it happens by design. The intention of movie-makers who make such movies is to present smoking as a favorable past time to the youth. They usually achieve this objective. You will notice that the youth usually turn to a quick smoke after a movie is over. They actually want to be like their favorite movie character.

This is how the media influences the youth to smoke. The influence of media on youth smoking should stop. We can prevent the huge healthcare costs that come with smoking in addition to preventing smoking related deaths if we stop this influence.