Temper Tantrums in Young Children

A temper tantrum is often described as an unexpected and sudden display of anger. During this emotional outbursts, the child may yell and scream in protest of the unmet desires. Children tend to show this kind of temper tantrums at a tender age but may decrease as they grow up.
Some situations that can trigger temper tantrums are bedtime, feeding time, getting up, dressing, bathing, TV, visitors, being out of places they are used to, car rides, being in public places, having other kids around etc.

Children experiencing temper tantrums tend to whine, complain, resist, cling, shout, run and defy their guardians. This behavior is often embarrassing and some parents may find it hard to manage especially in public areas.


Some of the causes of this emotional melt downs are:

Young children are still developing and cannot be able to express themselves clearly thus resorting to outbursts to get the attention of the parent.

Children maybe used to a particular pattern of doing things and a change in these may set them off, for example going to busy places could be overwhelming to the young ones.

Children are curious in nature and maybe thrilled to discover how much they can do on their own. When things don’t work out as expected, the kid may show frustration and anger through emotional outbursts.


Getting a child to a routine may prevent this outbursts. Ensure the child is well fed and get enough sleep everyday.

Use of a friendly tone may help the child to be more responsive and avoid aggressiveness. Avoid using a harsh voice as this may aggravate the child

Help the child to be independent through guiding them with their tasks rather than doing everything for them. This way the child may realize their independence without getting too excited.