Many of us do not like being teased. It seems to us like the person doing the teasing is trying to hurt us or embarrass us in front others. It could be your brother, sister, cousin who teases you. It could be your parents who give you a hard time with what they say. Maybe it is your classmates who hurt you. Maybe it is one particular kid in class or your neighborhood. It could even be your best friend.

It is not fun being teased, is it? It can make you sad. It can make you cross. It can also make you feel like you do not want to go to school anymore or make you feel uncomfortable when that person is around. What do you feel when someone teases you? Do you feel lonely and helpless? Many kids feel like that. Do you feel like you want to fight? Do you feel put down? Do you feel like the person who is teasing you does not like you? Do you cry when you are teased? These are some of emotions that every child being teased encounters. It is natural and you are not alone.

Why do people tease?

Not all people tease because they do not like you. Sometimes, people may have the wrong idea about you. They just need to learn more about you and the teasing will stop.

Your friends and family may tease you for fun. This is the kind of teasing that you feel good about.

Then there is teasing which is mean. When people call you names, put you down for something, threaten you or frighten you, or maybe bully you into doing something you do not want to do, it is the bad kind of teasing. Sometimes people just feel bad about themselves and tease others to make themselves seem stronger.

These people need to learn things about themselves or unlearn some things they are wrong about, before they will stop teasing.

What you can do

Always remember that if people who tease you are being mean or hurtful, it is not your fault. They are responsible for the teasing or the bullying, you are not.

You can do some things to show mean teasers that teasing you is not working. Maybe you can help them think about what they are doing.

You could try one of the following things: 

Tell them you do not like it. Say in a loud voice, “I do not that is a very kind thing to say.” Pretend you do not hear name-calling. Just walk away and talk with someone else. Show them you do not care about what they are saying. Ignore them. Make them look silly by turning what they say into a joke. Think to yourself “No one can tease me if I will not let them.” Never get into a fight.

If the teasing continues, tell your parent or teacher about it. Do not show the teaser that you are upset, because that can make them want to keep teasing you. Good luck!