Talking to children about sex

Sexuality is something that is normal part of a child development, but due to sensitivity of the topic most parents resist to have a talk about it. It’s very important to understand the importance of this topic, and how talking to children about sex with children, parents can really make a big difference in creating a positive point of view of a child towards this topic. Most parents can have a profound influence on the topic if they just talk openly.  Therefore kids will be more likely to delay sexual relationships, wait for a right partner and use condoms.

Parents can help their kids deal with topics related to sexuality starting at a very young age and continue throughout their lives. One must also understand the sexuality is a very wide topic witch includes the basics such as body parts of same and opposite sex, process of reproduction and intercourse, types of relationships, how can pregnancy and STD be prevented and much more. The questions about sexuality can start at a very young age, and if these questions are ignored then a child might look for other sources to solve his or her doubts.

You as a parent are the best teacher when it comes to sexuality or any other topic but  many children get educated about sexuality talks from others but not their parents. A few examples would be talking  to peers (kids from the streets) or from looking at some of the pornographic videos and photos available on internet or cable TV. These Pornographic videos or photographs are most of the time, the child’s first jarring glimpses of sex. These pornographic materials often show sex more abusively which can completely change the point of view of children. What is a beautiful private and loving affair between couples is now turned into a freak show.

Below are a few links that can help you break that awkward barrier and bring your conversations with your children to a new level.