Summer is coming for its visit soon so here are few tips on Ringworm.Ringworm is a fungal allergy that attacks the skin. It is also called dermotophytes which means that they are plants that attack and grow on the human skin. The medical term for ringworm is ‘Tinea’ and this ‘tinea’ causes rashes, hot flashes and itching at the place it grows.

What does ‘ringworm’ mean?
The term ‘Tinea’ or ‘Ringworm’ refer to a fungus infection that is present on the surface of the skin. The term ringworm is used because it was believed that the infection was caused by a worm, but biologically it has other factors that cause the infection. These fungal infections are present on the top surface of the skin in round spots. Necessary culture tests should be done for the correct distinction. The ringworm can be treated with proper diagnosis.

Cause of ringworm:
There are many different organisms that cause this infection and generally moisture and heat are said to speed up the growth of the fungus. This is the reason why ringworm is more prevalent during summer season.

Effects of ringworm:
They are not painful but they can be very itchy and irritating .Scratching the area can worsen the state of infection so the area must be covered to avoid worsening the situation.
Another effect of ringworms is that if it occurs on your scalp then it might lead to hair loss and bald spots at that particular area. It is always better to visit a doctor and get it treated as fast as possible before it spreads.

Prevention of ringworm:

*) Reducing sweat and moisture will help in preventing the fungal infection.

*) Cleanliness: Wash your hands often to avoid bacteria presence in your hands. Always keep common area clean especially the kid’s locker rooms, gyms, day care centre.

*) Keep far from infected animals: Generally in animals a small patch of skin would have been lost. So if you come across any animal like that it is better to stay away from the animal and get your veterinarian to check the pets for any kind of infection for ringworm.

*) No sharing: Do not share of your personal hygiene items like towels , clothes , hair brushes .Make sure not to borrow also .If in case you think you might have been exposed to ring worms then wash your dresses in hot water with a anti-fungal detergent.

*) Make sure to shower well after indulging in any sports that included skin contact with others.

*) Wear loose clothes for minimal sweating .As long as you avoid sweating, the fungus wont attack.

*) Always wear slipper in any public bathing areas. Avoid walking barefoot in any public areas like gym, bathing area, locker rooms.

*) Educate others: Make sure you tell others about the risk of getting infected with ringworm. Tell your children about infected pets and to stay away from such animals until they get treated. Once people come to know about the risks, then they would take necessary precautions before exposing themselves.

So take the necessary precautions and enjoy this summer with a good health!