Brickyard Pediatrics of Hobart Indiana has many great tools on their website. Today we would like you to know about the Symptoms Checker. This handy tool can help you find information on many different symptoms and the best practice for them.  This tool is for informational purposes and if you have questions you should consult with DR Marc Connery or one of his staff members.

To get started with the symptoms checker you hover over one of the kids and click on the area in question or go straight to the index if you know what you’re looking for. The program will walk you through questions and help you pinpoint the best answer for your concern.

After you have pinpointed the symptoms it will give you a definition of the symptom. Below you will see an example for burns.



A burn is a heat (thermal), chemical or electrical injury to the skin


Severity of Burns:


1st degree – Reddened skin without blisters

2nd degree – Reddened skin with blisters (Heals from the bottom up, not from the edges. Takes 2 to 3 weeks.) Small closed blisters contain protective chemicals, serve as a dressing and reduce pain.

3rd degree – Deep burns with white or charred skin. Skin sensation is absent. Usually needs a skin graft to prevent bad scarring if it is larger than a quarter (1 inch) in size. (Heals from the edges)


First Aid:


First Aid Advice For Burns From Heat


Immediately (don’t take time to remove clothing) put the burned part in cold tap water or pour cold water over it for 10 minutes.

For burns on the face, apply a cold wet washcloth. (Reason: lessen the depth of the burn and relieve pain).


First Aid Advice For Burns From Chemicals


Remove any contaminated clothing.

Flush the chemical off the skin with warm water for 10 minutes. For large areas, use a shower.


It will aslo tell you when to call your physician, care advice and photos of the sysmptom.


This is a great tool to use. There is no signing up or subscribing to use it. Brickyard Pediatrics  is here to help.


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