Summer Time Safety Tip

Summer is normally associated with freedom, exploration, relaxation and getting close to nature. Whether you’re relaxing in your backyard, enjoying the swimming pool, or maybe exploring the wonderful outdoors, these summer time safety tips will help keep both you as well as your family safe during summer.

 Food Safety

Nothing makes summer more enjoyable than the foods that are cooked outdoors on a grill. When you’re grilling your food, make use of a meat thermometer so as to ensure the poultry and meat is cooked properly. Also, put the already cooked meat or poultry on a clean dish, instead of putting it back on the same platter that had the raw meat so as to avoid a cross-contamination. Whether you are cooking in the backyard on a picnic, constantly keep the hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

 Beware of Bugs

Warm temperatures aren’t only attractive to people, it also attracts mosquitoes, fleas and ticks which causes different illnesses. To avoid such illnesses, use a correct insect and tick repellent and apply it appropriately. To keep ticks at a distance, avoid the tick infested areas and use the repellents containing twenty percent DEET. Pesticides, vegetation-free playgrounds can as well help limit the exposure to ticks as well as other insects.

Bike Riding Safety

Don’t push your kid to ride a 2-wheeled bicycle without the training wheels up until he or she is ready for it. Consider your kid’s coordination and the desire to ride. Also, stick with the foot brakes until the kid is older and experienced enough to use the handbrakes.

Your kid needs to wear a helmet on each and every bike ride, irrespective of how short or close to home it is. Many injuries normally occur on the sidewalks, in driveways, and on bike paths. A helmet will help protect your kid from suffering serious injuries, and should be worn at all times.

Having Fun in under the Sun

Summer normally involves swimming as well as other water-related activities. The benefits of these activities are numerous, however to enjoy a secure swimming experience; make sure to learn how exactly to protect yourself as well as other people from potential dangers.

Always supervise your kids around water. Make sure you are always close enough to be able reach your kid all the time and try to avoid any distractions like playing cards or reading books. Also, protect yourself from illnesses caused by the germs and chemicals in the water, by doing what you can to keep the germs off the swimming pool.

 Prevent Skin Cancer

Avoid being outdoors as much as possible during midday when the sun is extreme. Also, you can use sunscreens with no less than SPF 15, cover up your body with clothing, put on brimmed hats, and also put on sunglasses that block the UV rays.

Reminding your family about the above mentioned summer time safety tips will ensure you have a very safe and memorable summer.