Summer Camps 2015

Summer holidays bring with them many prospects for kids, the most enticing being summer camps. These are places away from home where they meet other kids, have fun and even sleep over. Camps are so exciting that children will spend much of their school time fantasizing about summer holiday. Before sending your children out to camp, there are some critical issues you must factor in;

Instead of moping but wondering if your child will get along with others or whether they’ll like the food, pause to consider their safety. Here is a simple checklist that will help you choose the best summer camp for your children. Consider their interests because camp is all about fun and if you send a child to a place where nothing they like happens, there is a chance they could drift away and find themselves in serious danger.

Ensure that the summer holiday camps medical program is supervised by a certified physician. You cannot assume that children will not need the doctor while at camp and so you need to make sure that there is a camp physician on standby at all times.

Camps should always have emergency communication equipment. These should be operated by an experienced staff member who should accompany teams out of camp at all times. For camps offering water activities make sure that there are lifeguards at the camp trained to handle emergencies related to the water body present. There is no telling when the weather will change during camp which is why you must check the measures taken to ensure kids are safe during thunderstorms or any other form of severe weather.

Nutrition is important during summer time camping and you must ensure that children don’t indulge in lots of junk and sweets which might bring them problems later. A balanced diet with healthy snacks is recommended but meals must be prepared in an attractive way since children can be picky eaters. If possible, inspect the camp’s kitchen to confirm that meals are prepared in hygienic conditions.

Children usually spend lots of time outdoors during summer time camping making it wise to equip them with enough sunscreen and insect repellent. This protects them from the elements and helps them concentrate on their hobbies. If your child needs medication, have them carry it to camp and discuss medical issues with the administrator who should know how to monitor intake.
Above all things never impose camp on children if you want them to have real fun. This is a time for them to forget routine and indulge in their likes so parents had better allow children to choose what interests them. Encourage your children to be productive but never dictate the path they should take. Do this and you will notice that your children look forward to summer holidays because they can go to camp and build other aspects of their lives. Safety is very important and you must ensure that the camp has relevant accreditation from the authorities before sending your child there.