When your child has been diagnosed with Celiac disease, snack time at school can become very frustrating for them. As they sit there watching all of the other kids eating cookies, crackers and many different types of candy, to them it can seem very unfair that they cannot join in. However, as a parent it is up to you to take the necessary steps to ensure that no matter what the snack happens to be from a simple cookie to a birthday cake, your child does not have to feel left out.

Celiac Disease Simple Snack Solutions

Given the number of gluten free snack products and mixes that are now entering the marketplace, you can easily prepare a number of snacks ahead of time for your child. By taking the time to explain the situation to your child’s teachers, you can get their cooperation in keeping a number of these snacks on hand for those special moments. In doing this, you can help to reduce your child’s feelings of being different or left out and make school a much more pleasant experience. For more information contact your pediatrician.