Smartphones And The Possible Side Effects

Brickyard Pediatrics previously talked about how too much television can be bad for children. New studies are taking it even further saying that use of smartphones and other devices such as Ipads and Kindles are even worse.

We are not here to give you an outcome on what is the best way to let your children use these devices. Our intentions are to give you articles that talk about these issues so you the parent can become more informed.

The first article you might want to read is from a psychotherapist named Julie Lynn Evans. She talks about how herself and her colleagues have seen a drastic rise in mental instability with children and how they correlate this to smartphones and such devices. The link and the name of the article is below:

• Are smartphones making our children mentally ill?

Another concern that is rising would be ADHD possibly linked in children and cellphone use. Below are a few articles talking about this matter.

• Possible Link Between ADHD in Children & Cell Phone Use
• Warning: Cell Phone Use May Trigger ADHD – Mercola

Another interesting article talks about teens being addicted to cell phones. Please see the link below:

• Are Teens Addicted to Cell Phones?
• Potential Hazards Of TV And Mobile Phones For Kids

So don’t make a conclusion off of one article. Read them all and see what you think. Do some more research on your own. Ask Dr. Connery on his thoughts. The topic is not a cut and dry issue. It is pretty complicated and varies with each child.