Signs of Autism

Autism or Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)is a set of complex disorders with similar features that cause developmental disability. These disorders are characterized by difficulties in social interaction, repetitive behaviors and verbal along with non verbal communication.

This is a wide range disorder, meaning any two individuals with it never have the same symptoms. It comes with varying symptoms, and they are always mild to some people and severe to others.

An individual with the disorder in most cases misses the signals we often give each other when we aim to catch attention. In other cases, people with autism may want to interact with other people, but they never become entirely involved because they lack the proficiency other people have.

There have been wide speculations that autism is caused by a vaccine, or a combination of vaccines. However, researchers have done comprehensive research to prove this false.

At present, no medications are available that can treat the disorder. However, there are some that can treat a few of the symptoms associated with the disorder. Ask your pediatrician today if your concerned your child might have autism.