Setting a Good Example for Children

The health of your child is very important especially during this festive season when all the family has to remain happy and in celebratory mood throughout this festive month of December. It would be heartbreaking if the excitement and happiness of the festive season is spoiled by illness among the young blood in the family. This is particularly why it is very important that the parents be on the war front of setting good examples that will ensure that their kids remain healthy and lively throughout the final month of the year.

 Just like it makes sense in nurturing the children spiritually and morally, leading the children through clear paths of proper hygiene and health is equally vital especially in this time of the year when the family needs to tighten the bonds among members.

Setting a good example for children to follow will require that you devote most of your time not only in practicing healthy living but also helping the children lead a hygienic life. You must be in a pole position to give proper hygienic advice to the children as you go about partying.

Parents spent a lot of time reading moral stories to their children- (which is very recommendable). Likewise, it would be equally important if the same parents were able to take their children to the gym for healthy body exercises. This will really help in keeping the young minds fresh and bodies fit to face each coming day with much health.

 Also, parents should ensure that they are in the front line when it comes to practicing proper home hygiene. They must consciously understand that children are there to copy from them. What they do at home will always have greater influence on the actions of the children in their absence. For this reason, parents must be keen to lead from the front in doing some of the following things.

  • washing their hands with clean water and detergent and also encouraging their children to do the same after handling dirty objects and before eating
  • brushing their teeth after every meal and keeping the toothbrushes properly
  • Encouraging the children to avoid unhygienic play grounds.