As milk has become such an important part of our diets parents should be aware that it is possible to have a milk allergy. Would you know how to recognize the symptom of milk allergies in your child? More importantly, would you know what to do if your child started exhibiting these symptoms? You always should talk to your Hobart Pediatrician when you are unsure or have doubts about what is happening to your child.  In most cases the average parent is not likely to recognize the early symptoms and may actually associate them with a range of other issues long before considering the possibility of a milk allergy.

There are three very common symptoms of milk allergies in children starting with eczema or hives that manifest shortly after consuming a milk product. The second symptom often includes vomiting and may take several hours to show up and finally the third is diarrhea that may not show up for one or two days. Other common indicators that your child may have a milk allergy include hyperactivity, asthma, ear, eye and nose infections, dark areas around the eyes and bloating. If your child displays any of these symptoms, you need to talk to your family doctor or Hobart pediatrician about the possibility of an allergy to milk and milk products.