The internet is full of helpful information. It also has information that you do not want to have your children reading. There are steps that you can take to make sure they don’t.

Google has a safe search feature. We will send you to their Family Safety Center but before  we do  and you ad this feature you should either delete your other web browsers or put them into a folder in which they they cant be accessed  without a password. The purpose behind doing this is so your children will only have access to the web browser that is set for them. This way you know they are secure on the world wide web.

[heading style=”1″]Locking Safe Search[/heading]

The link to read all about this feature is here>>

[heading style=”1″]You Tube Safety Mode[/heading]

Here is Google’s video on You Tube Safety Mode

You can also find the link to this information under the kids page tab/safe links.

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