Having A Safe & Fun Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day  is a celebration meant to remember all the brave soldiers that lost their lives in military service. It was previously called “Declaration day” but is always observed on the very last Monday of May though quite a number of people celebrate it starting from Saturday all the way to Monday, making it ‘Memorial Day Weekend’. Traditionally, this weekend marks the beginning of summer .

The holiday is normally characterized by flocked beaches, campgrounds and the good ole American cookouts to celebrate and enjoy with friends and family. Despite being a happy occasion, there have been cases of people going overboard while partying and causing some major accidents along with house thefts to cases of drowning; Memorial Day Weekend is highly prone to accidents. This is why it is better to be safe then sorry. It is very important to keep safe during this weekend. There are several ways of having “safe fun”.

*If travelling:-Make sure to leave your home fully secured. Lock all doors, windows and any other possible entrance to your home. It is also wise to leave your closest neighbor, one that you trust, with spare keys to your home. In case of a fire or any other eventuality, the neighbor will be in a position to help with the situation

*If you are using your family car to travel, make sure that it is properly serviced a day before. Ensure the engine, tires and spare accessories are all in good condition. -The roads are always congested during Memorial Day Weekend with both cyclists and motorists. Be aware of this!  We know we shouldn’t  drink and drive but many people do on memorial day weekend

*If visiting a beach:-First and most important of all, do not swim alone or in secluded areas. This leaves you prone to all sorts of water related accidents. -Do not at any time leave the children unsupervised.-If boating, ensure to have your life vest on at all times. -Temperatures are always high during these weekends. make sure to drink lots of water; keep hydrated. In addition to this,  use sunscreen with an SFP of at least 15.

*Lastly, always be on high alert. Never let your guard down!Follow these tips and your Memorial Day Weekend will not only be fun, but safe!