Rainy days can be exciting for the whole family as you don’t need to have your children sit down in front of the telivision all day.

Here is a list of indoor activities that your kids can find interesting and fun:


Painting is a widely known activity that can be used to pass time constructively by both adults and the little ones.  You can find different ideas for paining either in books that you can buy cheaply at the store or searching online.

Once you help them with the basic setup let them begin their new adventure. Let your childrens imagination flow. Painting is an art that trains your children to be creative as well as patient in what they do. It also provides them with the opportunity to use their hands hence increase their craftsmanship. This activity is better done by the whole family to increase interest.

Children story books

Reading is among the top activities that your child may engage in to broaden their horizons along with opening their imagination. Have a variety of children related story books and entice your kid into reading them. Take the time to be with them or let them read the stories aloud as you listen. Reading not only keeps your child busy when it is raining outside, but also adds some academic value to the language capabilities. The more they read the more they learn good pronunciation as well as the correct spellings of words. Your presence shall motivate them to do their best.

Teach your child how to cook

It is raining and your kid cannot go outside and play with colleagues. This is the right moment to introduce him/her into cooking. Give them the lighter tasks every other time you are preparing a meal. Let them learn little by little and one day you shall be amazed when you sit down and you leave them with the cooking.

Have a collection of games

Have board games and card games always on hand. Taking the time as a family to sit down and play games can help communication between your children as you are they role model but also their friend.

Computer games
There are countless computer games that you and your child can play that are educational. Try to look for the ones that will teach your child while playing. A website we highly recommend for younger children is abcmouse.com . We will tal about it in our next post.