Pneumonia is a condition where one or both lungs get infected. This starts from the nose and throat, leading to the lungs being filled with fluid. The infection may be caused by agents like bacteria or fungi. The primary causes of pneumonia in children are viruses. In some cases, a child infected with a viral pneumonia can develop bacterial pneumonia over time.
The risk of pediatric pneumonia is heightened by:
1. Poor nutrition in children
2. Second hand smoking. This can be avoided by not smoking near the children
3. Genetic disorders, sickle-cell anemia been one of them
4. Premature births
There are many signs and symptoms to look out for pneumonia in your child. They vary on the child’s age and the cause of the pneumonia. This symptoms re:
1. A cough, accompanied by mucus which maybe yellow or green in colour
2. Difficulties in breathing
3. Loss in appetite
4. Fever
Antibiotics are usually used to treat pneumonia caused by bacteria. In most cases viral pneumonia does not need antibiotics. Children who have contracted pneumonia before should be given preventative antibiotics. Also keep your child far from people who smoke. A vaccination against viruses and bacteria is also important.