Have you as the parent ever sat at the dining room table frustrated as your child refuses to eat fresh vegetables in season? We are here to tell you that you are not alone. Picky eating, especially with vegetables is very common.

As the parent, we want our children to eat more vegetables and fruits as they contain an abundance of fiber, vitamins and minerals to help the body in health. However the frustration encountered when children do not want to try something new makes parents give up and stop trying to make healthy meals.

We are here to give you a few points that can possibly help your family eat more fruits and vegetables. The key is acclimation. It is just like anything you do in life. It is harder in the beginning and gradually starts to be easier as you are used to whatever you are doing.

Most children that do not like the way a new food looks like automatically says they do not like it. Below we give a few pointers to hopefully help out with the dining table stressors.

Inspire, but at no time force

We as parents should always inspire but never force our children. Giving Ultimatums, especially when children get older, such as “You eat your vegetables or stay at the table,” may start leading to power struggles, causing children to not want to try anything.

Picky Eaters

Monkey see monkey do

Parents, you need to be a good role model and eat what you want your children to eat.

Explore the food with your children

Talk about the foods. Explain where they come from. What the texture is and what it smells like. Make your meals also educational. Inspire your child to try it with enthusiasm. Take a bite and give your opinion on the taste, texture and smell.

These next two pointers are very important.

Serve the foods buffet style

Put the food out separately so everyone can put as much as they want on their own plate. Explain that you can always have seconds but you need to eat everything you take. So do not take more than you can eat. Explain to them about wasting food and that they have control of what they want to eat.

Parents, understand that each person is different

Everyone, including your children, have their own taste buds. They truly might not like something that you do. It is okay if your child does not eat everything you serve. Some children are more adventurous in eating different foods than others.

Pick your battles for the things that matter because if you choose to fight your child over everything then they more likely than not, will rebel.