Pediatrics is a relatively new branch of medicine that developed in the 19th century. The pediatrician is a medical specialist who cares for children from birth to adulthood. Every newborn needs a pediatrician, but sometimes to find pediatricians that are good specialists is rather difficult. It is not recommended to pick a name of a pediatrician out of the phone book. You should consider asking information about pediatricians in your area from friends, medical professionals you know or local hospitals. The search for a pediatrician should start before the baby is born, this medical specialist can help you if the newborn is not in good health. Another thing that you should keep in mind when looking for a pediatrician is that he should be board certified, that means that he passed a written exam after his training period. Once you’ve found a pediatrician make sure that you are comfortable with his style and see if he really takes care of the problems your child deals with.