Your child’s doctor is one of the most important people that will come into his or her life, which is why it is so important to have a local pediatrician that you feel comfortable working with. To find a pediatrician in Hobart Indiana you should start asking friends and family which doctor they use and how they feel about the practice and the doctor they see. Once you have narrowed down the list to a few candidates, you’ll want to start asking questions to make sure that you find the best pediatrician in Hobart Indiana that will work well with you and your little one. A few things you should ask:


– In addition to office hours, is there someone you can call on evenings and weekends?

– How long will you have to wait for an appointment?

– What is the doctors’ philosophy on breastfeeding, immunizations, and other issues that are important to you?

– Does the office have a waiting area for sick children separate from that for well-child visits?


Once you have decided on a pediatrician for your child, remember that you are always free to change your mind if the doctor you choose doesn’t seem like a good fit. Your doctor should be willing to work with you, answer questions, and make you feel comfortable when you bring your child in to visit. Building a great relationship with your child’s doctor can help you be a more confident parent as well as keeping your little one in good health. Dr Marc Connery, a pediatrician in Hobart Indiana asks you to come into his office, call or e-mail him and his staff to ask any questions or concerns you have. Brickyard Pediatrics your hometown  local pediatrician.