Natural Disasters

A natural disaster can happen anytime. The worst thing about a natural disaster is that you usually can’t predict they are coming. To help in such incidents it is a good to be ready as you can for any event. Below are a few suggestions to help you in case of an emergency:

Find out what type of natural disasters usually occur around your community (ie. floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires). After you know this then you can put a plan into place with your family if needed.

Teach your family how to use a fire extinguisher, make sure you have at least one charged in your house at all times.

Have a meeting point outside of the house. Do drills with your family so they can practice getting out of the house and meet up at your designated area. Make sure your meeting point is a place that would most probably be safe in the disaster. For example in a flood you would want to meet on higher ground.

Have a contact list by your telephone of important numbers such as:

  1. Neighbors
  2. Family doctors
  3. Ambulance services
  4. Hospitals nearby
  5. Gas company
  6. Electrical Company
  7. Local police
  8. Fire
  9. Health services.

Have you family participate in a first aid or a CPR class held by your local community or the Red Cross.

Make sure that all your children know how to dial 911.

Make sure you have and emergency first aid kit and disaster kit. Your disaster bag should include things like bottled water, blankets, and flashlights.