Military Deployment and Families

Military deployment and children in its simple context may have adverse effects on both the military personnel and children of these army men and women as well as the children in the place of deployment. News of military deployment may be received with much grief by such families as it indicates separation of family ties though on the hand these deployments may help the children grow in both moral and other aspects of life by helping them understand the true course and right channel of living.

Through careful planning and consultation military parents whether single or married can easily be able to provide the essential parenting requirements. To provide a platform of ensuring military couples are not disadvantaged by deployment policies, family care plans are laid down in three different criterion to cover up such couples and help them keep in touch with their children as much as possible.

Short term care provision; involves designation a non- military individual by the military couple in official writing in acceptance to care for the member’s children anytime of the day if the military person is summoned for duty or even deployed without notice. More so, the provider should have full understanding of responsibilities involved and live within the area where military member is stationed.

Long term provision; this is an ad to the short term care provider and must not necessary live within the location of the military member but must sign up and be fully aware of the underlying responsibilities.

However, there are some positive effects witnessed from this separation such as level of maturity of these children goes up, development of some level of independence proving resourceful and confidence as well as making the bond of the family. Keeping in touch with family members especially children and talking to them maybe by calling their teachers if they are in school will help keep the bond strong.

The whole purpose of this article is to inform parents in the military that many people have gone through deployments and you can take appropriate actions to make sure it goes smoothly for you and your family. Your family does not have to suffer when your on deployment. Once you get situated in you will most likely be able to communicate through e-mails and the internet such as Skype. If you set the impression from the beginning that everything will be OK your children and or spouse won’t be so worried.

Thank you for your service!