Managing Television

Television viewing in many homes has gotten completely out of hand. Instead of being a relaxing indoor activity, it has become a source of wrangles in the family. Getting rid of the set or banning its viewing is impractical so managing television watching remains the only solution to keeping it from dominating and destroying our family lives. Tips on managing television include the following.

Limiting television time

You should set the television viewing time for your children to a minimum. Outline rules to direct them on when to watch and when not to watch television. Limit the time the children watch television to create time for them to finish their homework and chores on school days and in order to free up family time on weekends.

Keeping television from dominating 

During family mealtime such as breakfast or dinner, turn the television off. When making conversation with your child make sure the television is kept off to avoid distracting the child and also so as to build the relationship between you two. Encouraging your children to engage in recreational activities such as sports will keep them from the television. Do not use the television to occupy your child while you are busy with work.

Involvement in what your children watch

Watching television with your children will enable you manage what they watch and how they interpret it. Watch TV shows together as you comment and discuss what you see pointing out anything negative.This will go a long way in managing television for your children.

Guiding television viewing of your children

You may guide either directly or indirectly. Install V chips and parental controls to block content you do not want to expose your child to such as violence and sexual content. You can advice your children to watch educational shows and limit late night television.

 Being a role model

Children are quite impressionable and will most likely copy unhealthy television watching habits from you. Spend your free time engaging in constructive activities other than watching TV preferably together with your child. Do not watch shows with adult content in the presence of your children.

Helping your children with a television schedule 

Choose with your child a number of programs to watch from the TV guide and plan a weekly TV schedule. Teach your children to stick to this schedule, avoid channel surfing and turn the TV off at the end of each show.

 Use the television for its benefits

Television is a great source of valuable information from news to educational shows such as National Geographic. Teach your children to use the television not only for entertainment but also as a learning tool.

Managing television judiciously is the best we can do to keep excessive television viewing from ruining our children and families at large. This can be achieved if parents can create a reasonable environment in their home.