Lead safety is very crucial to every person. It is advisable to know how one can be safe from lead exposure. Lead is very poisonous and can cause complex health problems. Two much lead exposure causes lead poisoning.
Everyone can get lead poisoning but children are most affected because they put things in their mouth along with dirty hands, Children can play in a dirty environment which may contain lead particles. This exposes them to lead through breathing dust containing lead or eating food contaminated with lead from their hands.
The major causes of lead poisoning is exposure to paint containing lead. This is mostly found in old buildings where the paint has cracked or chipped. To prevent this exposure, children should be kept away from this area and the paint tested for lead.

A few symptoms that a child gives when having lead poisoning may include a stomach ache, easily excited,  being fussy, behavior and learning problems among a few others.

This disease can be treated, through qualified doctors who will first test the presences of lead and then prescribe the necessary medication. It is advisable to call the doctor immediately after suspecting the symptoms of lead poisoning.