Lawn Mower Safety For Children

Lawn mower safety for children is vital to reduce the amount of children that are severely injured each year by lawn mowers. This dangerous equipment leaves its victims with amputations that may require re-constructive or reattachment surgery.

However, the injuries that results from a lawn mower are preventable. It is important to remember lawn mower safety measures to keep your children protected from harm. Children should be kept indoors during the operation of a power or push lawn mower There should be a designated adult to ensure that the children remain indoors children younger than 16 should not use a riding mower. Children age 12 or younger should not use push mowers. Clean the lawn prior to mowing to prevent flying objects Immediately turn the mower off if a child runs toward you, the child may slip or fall into the blade. Wear closed-toe shoes, eye, and hearing protection while using the lawn mower Cover the opening where the grass is released by using a collection bag or plate. Constantly search to ensure that there are no children around you as you mow the lawn. Adults should only set the blades while the spark plug is disconnected / removed, and the lawn mower is off.

For more information on lawn mower safety for children you can look at our educational handouts here.