Keep Your Child Safe From Poisons

Preventing poisoning ensures the safety of your child and they are able to live up to their full potential. Chemicals, cosmetics, alcohol, pesticides, medicine, plants and everyday household items can be poisonous if ingested.

Below are some of the procedures to follow as you embark to poison proof your home in order to protect your child from poisons.

Drugs and Medication
•One should store toxic products and medicines in their original packaging, out of sight and reach of children. A locked up cabinet would be the most preferable storage area.
•Follow instructions given by your health provider in order to offer the correct dosage of medicine to your child. One should always check the label before giving the medicine to ensure that the medicine is the right one. Always have the lights on when using any medicine.
•Medication that is expired or no longer required should be properly disposed.
•One should take their medicine away from children, as children usually try to copy everything they see happening.
•Do not refer to medicine as candy or any edible substance.

Household Chemicals
•Always purchase the safest household products that you require to use immediately.
•Household products should not be stored in containers that have previously stored foods, such as beverage bottles.
•Never put rat poison or insect powders on the floor where children can easily touch them or wipe them out with their clothing.

•Keep alcohol in a locked cabinet out of reach of children.
•Monitor parties keenly to ensure that alcoholic drinks are far from the children’s reach and clean up immediately thereafter.
•One should keep food extracts and household products that contain alcohol out of reach of children.

Lead Paints
•One should keep their children safe from lead poisoning by having their paint tested if living in an older home.
•Avoid using bassinets, toy chests, painted toys, high chairs and cribs made before 1978, as chances are they could have lead finishing.
•One should purchase toys from reputable toy companies and keep up with toy recalls that occur due to the use of lead paints on the toys.
Other items to look out for
•Keep cosmetics such as nail polish, nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume and hair dye out of reach of children.
•Keep unused cell batteries safely and discharged the used ones accordingly. Batteries contain alkaline which is poisonous.

Teach a child that
•It is wrong to chew nonfood items.
•They should also learn to eat things given to them by adults only.
•They should avoid putting their hands in their mouth.
•They should always wash their hands before having food.
•They should apply these principles everywhere, even when out visiting friends or relatives without the company of their parents.

Effects of taking poisonous substances may be fatal, it is therefore important to protect your child from poisons. Always have the contacts of the poisons helpline with you, in order to contact them in case of an emergency.