The spring season is here, witch brings a high risk of children suffering from allergies. Even though flowers, plants and fruits are pretty and taste good they can definitley be a hinderance. It is good to look for ways to help deal with this problem to ensure that children go through the spring season with good health. This article offers you some of the tips to beat spring allergies.

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Wash all fruits thoroughly

When it is possible, it is good habit to avoid eating fruit peels or  at least cook the fruits. Spring allergies, as a result of pollen, occur when you eat fruits with their peels or in raw form. Therefore, by cooking or peeling fruit, you reduce the risk or avoid allergic reactions completely.


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Bath your pets regularly

It is important to ensure that your pets especially the dogs and cats are clean at all times. If possible, the dogs and cats are clean at all times. If possible, you should also avoid pets sleeping in the same bed with your children. After spending a lot of time outside, your cat or dog may bring mold, pollen and other allergens into your house. This will go a long way in preventing health problems such as asthma or frequent sneezing among your family members if you give the pet a bath frquently.

 Bathe your children every night

When children are playing outside, pollen will stick to their hair and clothes. Thus, you have to ensure you bathe your children immediately as they come in. This ensures that the pollen wont spread over the bed linens and pillow cases leading to allergic reactions. After the bath, dress them with clean and fresh clothes.

 Ensure the windows are closed 

Many people like opening their windows or turning their ceiling fans on. However, during the spring season, it is advisable to ensure that the windows are closed most times. This prevents the pollen from getting inside of the house making the air inside the house allergen free and healthy.

 Keep the nose clean 

The nose acts as the air filter for the lungs. Ensure the childs nose is always clean and remove all the pollen trapped inside. The most effective way is to buy a spray bottle of nasal saline and then squeeze it in the nose.

 Bottom line 

If you can prevent the cause of allergies within yourself it will be a less dramatic Allergy season.