Now that Thanksgiving is officially over we thought it would be good to reflect on how children see the holidays. To adults, we might be stressed as we try to pull these times together with cooking, cleaning and shopping, but children see these days as an adventure.
Reflecting on how the children around me were on Thanksgiving, I wanted to give a glimpse on what I would say how most children feel on these special occasions.
• They are excited to see what the day will bring.
• The day has a special type of ambiance to them, almost mystical.
• They want to help cook and be part of the celebration.
• They cannot wait to have their friends and cousins to come over to have a full day of talking and playing. (hide & seek amongst other games)
• They cannot wait to sit at the designated table for the children to eat, laugh and maybe even play around with their food a bit. What does a gravy and mashed potato volcano truly hurt?
• They love the attention from all of their relatives. (game time with adults)

Christmas is coming around the corner. Remember that children can bring to the table much enjoyment. They just want to be a part of the celebration with you. Make memories for yourself and them for years to come. Try to relax and do what comes naturally to children. HAVE FUN!