In today’s society, there are many different tools that can help children study. There are also many resources that can help with proper etiquette of English. In this article we will show you a few of them and hopefully it might help a child in the process.

Time for Kids

This website has a page called “Homework Helper” that has tips and tools to succeed. It has a flash card maker, writing tips and examples of A+ papers.



This is great for not just papers but everyday use. You have to pay for this service but it is well worth the price. It is an app that reads your paper or sentence in an email and suggests where you should put commas or even to change a word. You can use this either on their website or download that app that links to Microsoft word or any web based application such as Gmail. It also will check for plagiarism in your paper.



Quizlet’s flashcards, tests, and study games make it fun to learn anything.Creating study sets is easy. You can also use Quizlet on cell phones. just download their app.



Cram boasts being the number one online educational resource. They have over a million flashcard sets already made from Spanish to Science. If you can not find your topic/class you can also make up your own.

The free versions of many of these websites have some annoying adds. They want you to pay to take them off. Fortunately, there is an app called add blocker plus that will stop not just their ads but any sites adds. Even Facebooks. You can download this in Chrome or in Firefox in the add-on section.

Ad Blocker Plus

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We hope this helps.