The Beautiful city of Hobart, Indiana is located in Lake County, United States. With a total population of approximately 29,059 spread across 26.71 square miles, it was predominantly inhabited by Pottawatomie Indians. Nearly 31 miles away from Chicago, this dynamic place is known for its beautiful parks, excellent schools, sports field etc.

Mistakenly pronounced as Ho-bert rather than Ho-bart by the local people, Hobart is known for its Lake George. This lake is a popular spot for people who enjoy their morning and evening strolls. This place is apt for music lover since this place offers musical throughout the summers.

Boating and Fishing are the two primary recreational activities at the Lake George. Very Near to Lake George is the Festival Park, where you can see people feeding the ducks. Known for its flora and fauna, this city has 14 parks, 2 golf courses and several sports fields where sports lover can enjoy the game of soccer, basketball, football, and rugby.

Lake George better known for its wild and pristine rich environment is a habitat to native wildlife as well as non-native species like ducks, geese and swans.

The city is governed by the elected mayor, 7 councilmen, State treasurer and state judge. It has public schools and private schools and business college offering excellent education opportunities for children and adolescents.

A local trust, Shirley Heinze Trust is the state authority who is working on the nature preserves such as tallgrass prairie in Hobart, Indiana. The Cressmoor Prairie located in Hobart is one of the major state controlled black soil prairies at Indiana.

The Mundell Field is yet another quarter-mile outdoor track for stroll lovers at Hobart. Westfield Southlake is Indiana’s one of the biggest shopping malls. There are approximately 200 branded stores and food joints in that mall offering ample opportunity to shop for shopaholics.

Hobart Indiana has a lot of tourist attractions contribution to the amusement, recreation, and a homely atmosphere to locals as well as tourists.