Hives in Children


Hives, also termed as the Urticarial is a common skin condition in children. It is characterized by an outbreak of the skin with red bumps or patches on the skin. The inflammation of the skin followed by an outbreak is the result of an allergic reaction to food and drugs. In children, exposure to detergent, soap, lotion, etc could cause an allergic reaction.

Hives are produced when the white blood cells release the chemical called histamine to defend the allergens or irritants.

Generally, hives does not call for any emergency medical attention as it tends to go away. But, it can be a warning sign  or severe side effect of something your child is very allergic of and you should be concerned. If your child is breaking out in hives make an appointment with Dr. Connery and come into his office  located below to analyze what can possibly be wrong with your child.