The Hidden Causes of Severe Obesity In Children

Obesity has always been a major cause of concern for people of all ages around the world, but a recent study suggests that it is children who have become more prone to obesity than adults. Many people might react to this statement and blame the excess consumption of junk food being the leading cause behind severe obesity in children, the main culprit is actually a combination of factors working together and causing rapid weight gain in children.


Undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in obesity, what most people don’t understand is the simple fact that junk food alone does no end up causing long term obesity. Even though junk food is one of the major causes of concern for many parents, it alone does not sum up to severe obesity in children. One of the main reasons behind weight gain is metabolism. If your metabolism is fast then you will be burning up unwanted fat at a faster rate and if it is slow, then a single glass of water can add on to your body weight. Despite the fact that many parents restrain from allowing free access to junk food and sugar to their children, they end up gaining weight and shift over to the obese category due to their poor metabolic rate.


Technology has managed to touch every single part of our busy and organized life, but little do most people understand is that many times technology becomes a burden to our bodies rather than helping it. With everything being just a click away, most children have turned away from any sort of physical activity altogether. Having outdoor games being replaced by the internet and activity with friends being replaced by online multiplayer video games, even the simplest of chores like walking out to put the garbage out may seem like a huge challenge. What many parents do not realize is the fact that the high end video game they bought their child for a birthday can end up not only resulting in severe obesity in children, but it can also end up costing your child their health. Lack of physical activity does not only cause the metabolism to slow down in children and adult, but it also affects the functioning of the body as joints and muscles become weaker as well. Which is why it is absolutely crucial to engage in as much physical activity as possible from an early age to increase your chance to fight obesity and improve your bodily functions.

Food and lack of activity are amongst the main reasons which has resulted in rapid weight gain in children, which is why it is very important to indulge your child in physical activity and monitor their eating habits to help them achieve a healthier life rather than put them on medication or diet from an early age.