Helping Your Child Through a Divorce

Divorce is not only a difficult period for the couple but for children as well. Parents may understand the situation but the children may not have any knowledge on what is really going on.This period maybe a stressful and confusing period for the young ones. As a parent, you can make this transition as smoooth as possible by helping the child through the divorce. Providing stability and being their for the child’s needs can be of paramount importance.

Some of the ways to help your child through a divorce are:

Open up to the child. By being true to your child, you can avoid creating more confusion in the child’s life.This can also make it easy for them to adjust to the changes that come with divorce.

Reassure the child. They need to know that no matter what changes they are going through, the parental love is still there and that the separation cannot change this.

Help them to embrace the change. By explaining to them about the changes they are likely to experience, for example changing houses or leaving without the mother or father, they need to be prepared for the changes.

This is a stressful period for them as well, let them express their feelings by asking questions. Through answering their questions truthfully, you can help in a great way to help them get over the initial critical phase.

Avoid criticism. Be open and honest with the child without criticising your spouse. Having an initial discussion before facing the kid can ensure that you tell the kids the same thing without confusing them regarding your reason for divorce.
Let the child know that they are not the reason for divorce. Kid’s faced with these situation may feel like something they did in the past could be the reason for the sepatation.

Lastly, remember that as you help your child get through the pain, you also need support and reassurance as this is a stressful period for you as well.