Help spread the awareness of Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is caused by having either all of or part of a third copy of the 21st chromosome. This disorder is also known by the name of Trisomy 21 and is usually linked to delays in one’s physical growth, certain facial features, and an occasional intellectual disability that can be labeled as a mild to moderate case. Specifically speaking the average intellect level that a young adult who suffers from Down syndrome is around 50, which is the same as an eight or a nine year old would have.

This disorder is one of the most common abnormalities in humans that deal chromosomes; it has been affecting around one thousand babies each and every year. It can be identified while a woman is pregnant through the use of a prenatal screening which is then followed up by a diagnostic test. Or it can be identified after birth by directly observing the baby and doing some genetic testing. For those people who do have Down syndrome it can be well managed by having the correct care and for everyone involved to have an education about the disorder. These aspects have been shown to help improve their quality of life.

October is national Down syndrome awareness month, this serves as an opportunity to inform others about it and to applaud those people who do have the disorder and all that they have accomplished throughout life. It is not about focusing on the disability but about focusing on what people can do even with a disorder. Spreading awareness about Down syndrome is a very important task; it is a way for everyone to learn about themselves as well as about others.

Go to your local Buddy Walk and speak up for their needs, hear what has to be said, and help in any way you can. Be an advocate for people who have Down syndrome, spread the love and always encourage and support others. It is very important for people who do not have Down syndrome or do not know what it is to hear about what it is like to have it and what an average day for someone who does have Down syndrome is like. Everything is still possible for them, it is just a little harder than people care to consider.

Down syndrome was named after a man named Joh Langdon Down, he was a British doctor who was able to fully describe the disorder in the year of 1866.Some of the characteristics associated with this disorder were fist mentioned in the year of 1838 by a Mr. Esquirol and was initially identified by French researchers in the year of 1959. This disorder is becoming a more and more common one because people are not becoming educated about it. There have been connections made from Down syndrome to one’s physical and neurological developments as well as to one’s heart health, the ability to reproduce or not, certain kinds of cancer, one’s senses, gastrointestinal issues and more.

Stand up and join the forces today, spread the word and teach others about Down syndrome!