Hay Fever Symptoms In Your Child? DR Marc Connery Can Help!


Hay fever results from an allergy to inhaled dusts, the most common of which is grass pollen. About 10 percent of the population in the Western world is affected. There is no complete cure for this unpleasant affliction, but the symptoms can be relieved.

The child usually will undergo these symptoms again and again every year in the same season. In the other months, he/she is normal. It affects both the sexes equally, and occurs in all age groups, but mostly in young people. The symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe. If you believe you child is having bad allergies let Dr Marc Connery know so he can examine your child and give you the best recommendations.

Some of the symptoms of  hay fever is a profuse watery discharge from the nose and eyes, as well as irritation and sneezing. The parts of the body that are mostly affected are those that are exposed to the allergy-causing dusts: the eyes, nose, sinuses, and the upper part of the throat.

By far the best way to reduce hay fever is to stay away from the cause of the allergy. However, since it is impossible to avoid tree and grass pollens, an air conditioner may help prevent pollen from entering one’s home if you have all the doors and windows closed. For more information contact Dr Marc Connery at http:brickyardpeds.com or by phone at (219) 940-9605.