Do you know what good manners are? Politeness, courtesy, being nice to others, thinking about the feelings of others so that people like you and respect you just like you respect them, are all part of good manners. Holding the door open for a stranger is a sign of good manners. Helping someone pick up things they have dropped is good manners. Smiling at others is also good manners.

Think about the times when people did things without having considered your feelings. Did anyone ever…

…push you to take a seat you were going to sit on?


…always ate from your lunch but never shared theirs with you?


…not say ‘thank you’ or ‘please’ when they wanted you to do something?


…grab things belonging to you, without asking you first?


…slammed a door you were about to walk in?


…cut in before you in a queue?


Did you like these behaviors? These are behaviors that make people feel bad and considered rude. No one likes it when someone is rude to them, because it is poor manners to disrespect the feelings of others and do things like these.


Remember, if you want people to respect you, you should also be respectful of their feelings.


Good Manners at Home and School 

There are good manners for every situation and place: at home, in school, when you are out with friends or family, when you are on the phone or at the table. There is one thing that you should always do wherever you are. You should always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when you need to say them.


At home, you should…

· Clean up after yourself

· Help your family with errands and chores

· Share things with others

· Respect the things belonging to others


At school you should…

· Wish an adult good afternoon or good morning when you pass them

· Ask before you borrow things and say thank you when you later return them

· Wait your turn before you speak

· Say ‘excuse me’ instead of pushing people to get somewhere

· Respect things that belong to others


At the table you should…

· Wait for others to be served before you begin eating

· Keep your mouth closed while you chew your food

· Ask for something on the table to be passed to you; instead of leaning across to pick it

· Share things on the table; do not grab what you want

When you are out you should…

· Be polite and respectful of other people

· Throw rubbish only in trash cans

· Queue quietly without pushing

· Lend your seat to an older person on the train, bus or tram if there are no other empty seats

· Do not use bad language

· Respect the property of others

· Do not make fun of other people, it is hurtful

· Have fun but do not be too loud in public places

· Listen to other people when they speak.

· Do not only busy yourself on your mobile phone


Adopt these good manners and you will find people are much nicer to you, and you feel a lot happier. When you have good manners, you are a much more pleasant person to be around. Life is also much more pleasant when people are kind to each other and respect the feelings of others!