Getting it right: What to do and pitfalls to avoid when hiring a babysitter

A babysitter is a very important thing. This is because you will be entrusting your child to a complete stranger. During the hiring process, it is important that you don’t overlook any detail. The following babysitter checklist contains the things you should keep in mind when hiring a babysitter, as well as common pitfalls to look out for and avoid.


Use a network of friends and families

Your friends, colleagues, neighbors and even some family members who have been through this process can refer you to someone they know. You can also consider becoming a member of online network like sitter city.

Come up with a contact sheet

This includes the family doctor’s contact information, your cell phone number and any emergency number. Also include important medical information about your child including any allergies your baby may be suffering from.


During interviews, inquire about qualifications and training of various candidates, and pay special attention to candidates with CPR or training in first aid.

Introduce candidates to your children

This is just to see how easy they are with kids, and whether kids love them or not.


Neglecting references

Check up on every reference given. Ensure that you have at least followed up three references.

Forgetting to add a photo

Beside your job description, include the photo of your family. This way, prospective babysitters can be able to match the face to the name. if you have organized an interview at a neutral place like a coffee shop, it will help them identify you.

Overlooking safety features and background checks

There are safety features that you should never forget to use. Also do a thorough background check on prospective babysitters. Look at their driving record and also criminal record.

Limiting your choices

Without knowing it, you could be putting off a handful of qualified babysitters by the kind of your job description. Make sure it captures what you want, as well as allow as many people to apply as possible. This widens your search options.