Fundamental Bicycle Safety for Kids

Bicycle safety has become a major issue these days. Children are riding bicycles at a very tender age and parents don’t seem to understand the dangers lurking behind the activity. Surprisingly, parents cannot allow children to cross busy roads on their own yet they allow those same children to cycle on the same streets. When I was young we used to have open grounds where we could ride our bikes safely, but since these grounds are diminishing and roads are being constructed, cycling safety is a major concern of today’s parents. Here are tips to effective bicycle safety for kids:



As your child goes out riding, ensure he is wearing a helmet since this can prevent head injuries in case of an accident. Most children don’t like wearing helmets and as a parent it is your responsibility to make him understand its importance. Make sure that the helmet is of proper size to fit your child properly.


Correct size of the bike

Always ensure that your child’s bike is of proper size. The height of the seat should allow a slight bend at the knee when his legs are fully extended. Handlebar’s height should be at the same level with the seat.



You should always make sure that the steering and the brakes are working properly. A bicycle isn’t a toy and so proper maintenance is needed. Make sure that the chain is clean and properly oiled and that the tires are inflated properly. Ensure that there are no loose parts and especially on the brakes, handlebars and wheels.


Ride defensively

Train your child to ride defensively. He should look out for cars backing out of driveways or pulling in front of him. Some streets do not have street signs or signals and so your kid should learn to slow down to ensure all is clear for him to proceed.


Riding bike is fun and is loved by most kids and is also a great way to stay fit. Cycling also helps develop confidence, lifelong skills and good judgment and so it can be advantageous to your child. Your attitude to teaching bicycle safety to your kid will determine how responsible he will be on the road. Follow this bicycle safety for kids and feel more confident as you watch your kids ride down the streets!