If you are like most parents, your child’s health and well-being is first and foremost on your mind. Parents go to their local pediatrician to gain piece of mind that their child is fine and well. The office of Dr. Marc Connery wants to help everyone even more by giving out free pediatric patient education handouts so that you can gain a little insight on things that are bothering you for simple questions or concerns that all parents have on certain topics. Each handout can be downloaded on Brickyard Pediatrics website under Educational Handouts, covering a wide range of information including the list of symptoms that your child may be experiencing, what you should do to try and help them ease their symptoms, and when you should be concerned enough to take them to see the doctor. There is a handout to cover everything from the common cold and how to ease the symptom of it when your child has the sniffles, to explaining to you how to talk to your kids about sex and STDs.

Remember that these free pediatric patient education handouts are only for general information and not to diagnose your children or to give treatment options. For more information on a symptom that is concerning you consult DR Marc Connery at Brickyard Pediatrics in Hobart Indiana.

Why not take advantage of all the free information you can get? It will help you and your child sleep better at night when you know that everything is fine!