The qualities of a babysitter needed should support the general wellbeing of your child.They should be mature, like being with children, friendly, and reliable when called.

Finding a Sitter for full time or occasional instances can be harder than you think. Sometimes it takes a few times to find the one you truly trust and like. This is why youe should always have a second babysitter in place just in case you need him/her. Baby sitters can be obtained from the neighbourhood especially well respect teenagers wanting to make little money for themselves. This can be a good choice because children need someone they can play with and teenagers have lots of energy and tend to be fun and playful. They will be a very big asset in entertaining the child (ren).

This choice has limitations in that adolescents might not be as strict as you are in disciplining your children. This will also depend on the age of your child as older children require an authoritative figure, which a teenage babysitter might not give. Moreover, not all teenagers have experience in handling children especially in a crisis when children make demands they cannot meet.

It is therefore important to discuss with the parents of the teenager you consider can babysit your child so that you can get information on their abilities and limitations. You might also need to talk to people who have used teenagers in babysitting and get their experience.

Other than teenagers, some colleges or universities might have students interested in babysitting. You can visit those institutions and find out.

For full time babysitting, consider getting an older person; either professional or experienced ones. Information on such people can be found on websites, newspapers, from friends and neighbors, and agencies in your nearest town or city. You can do background checks when you think you have found a few you like.

Once you do the background checks, you need to interview them personally on the qualities you consider necessary for your child and allow them to come home and spend time with your child while you are not present at home. This will give you an opportunity to do an evaluation before making a final decision.