Analyzing the need

Parents care utmost for their children. Moreover they want them to enjoy a good and healthy life. However everyone gets sick sometimes so do the young ones. However, it is very important that the parents should use their discretion before taking a child to an emergency room. They need to perform a self analysis of the level of illness and then make their decision accordingly. Emergency Rooms & Children should be the last option for the parents not the first one.

Dangers and possible risks of taking the child to an emergency room

  • The Emergency room can be filled with germs that the child would not come across naturally and can be very susceptable.
  • Emergency physicians may not provide satisfactory care with respect to risk analysis. An example would be giving xrays exposing the child to unecessary radiation. This is very significant especially for children and cannot be overlooked.
  • Sometimes the physician does not have the childs chart and can’t evaluate the child correctly as maybe there was something in the chart that parents would not neccessarily tell the physician.
  • Moreover sometimes the condition is not serious enough for the child to be rushed to the ER.
  • Taking the child to the ER can affect the child’s state of mind in a very negative way. The intent is not to scare the child thinking something is seriously wrong with him/her.

Awareness is the key

Children are the most prized possession of the parents. It is true that prevention is better than the cure. If the parents feel that the child is not feeling a 100% it is better to make an appointment with his/her pediatrican in non emergency situations then to rush them to the ER just to see a doctor sooner.