Early Intervention and Autism

There is no denying that no one has been able to nail down the cause or causes of Autism. That may make people think that there is nothing that can be done and no way out. This is not entirely true and the difference is in the early stages at this point.

What does that mean? Very simple, if there is anytime at all when the odds of slowing or stopping Autism, it is in the first few years. That means a couple things. Number one, it is vital that a diagnosis be made early on. In order for there to be any steps taken to help a child, they should be taken as early as possible and this is not possible without a proper diagnosis.

Making sure that doctor visits are up to date is very important. It is not a terrible thing to have two doctors see a child. That does not mean to play the two doctors against each other, it simply means that you can see a second doctor at some point in the first few years to make sure that they agree that everything is OK.

Stay Informed

The news about Autism changes frequently. The sad fact is that Autism has been around for a long time, but it was not until a certain number of the cases appeared that the major research started. There is that fact and the fact that technology is constantly making strides in not just medicine, but in research techniques.

Because of this constant research, watch the internet and read as much as you can about Autism. That means books, medical journals, anything you can get your hands on. Read about the signs of Autism and make sure that you read multiple sources. There is a great amount of information out there and it is not all true. Take the source into account.

If you think that you have some of these symptoms present in your child, make the appointment to see the doctor then and do not wait for the next regular checkup. If you do not feel that the doctor has given the case enough thought before they say no, then try another doctor. Do not blame the doctor, simply understand that they see a large number of patients and most children’s parents think their child has a serious disease that is simply not there.

Seek Treatment

If there is a positive diagnosis, then find out where treatment is available and begin immediately. Many family doctor have been convinced by the medical community that there is no hope at all for those that suffer with Autism. That is not always true. Find a doctor that is willing to try and again, be informed. Take information from third parties with a grain of salt, but be aware of the information that is out there.

The main thing to remember is not to give up and to stay positive from day one. Chances of success drop over time. It is important to act quickly and do everything that you can.