An alarming amount of traffic injuries are linked to distracted driving, including use of cellular devices while driving, causing loss and harm of life. The latest national figures are sobering.

  • There were  431,000 individuals injured in motor vehicle crashes. An estimated 3,179 individuals killed because of texting while driving.
  • At any given moment about 660,000 people, across America are using devices while driving, a number that’s held steady since 2010.


What you are able to do to help your teenagers


Give directions that are clear – Give straightforward, clear directions to not use their wireless devices to new drivers.

No one should drive and text. If you must text, pull over into a location that is safe.

Become educated and be active – Tell family, friends and everyone you know they should drive without distractions. No texting while driving. Make sure that your child’s school is informing children about these issues.