As any prominent pediatrician would say, this career gets beyond the wit and the number of certificates that one holds. Dr. Marc Connery, one of the eminent pediatricians, a local pediatrician in Hobart Indiana who accepts Medicaid and many other insurances confirms that being the best pediatrician calls for the proper blending of one’s personality and professional knowledge gained throughout the years of training. Dr. Connery has over 21 years in the field. Gladly, the government has tight regulations on pediatricians through various boards and also issues licenses to ensure that only certified professionals practice pediatrics. In addition to this accreditation, local pediatricians that accept Medicaid needs to make sure they practice by the set standards from Medicaid all while having an inviting personality. This is particularly important because dealing with kids the pediatrician needs to be passionate and a caring to make them feel at ease during their visits. Moreover, pediatricians should also be able to predict growth curves of every child and advise the parents on necessary intervention measures. The core objective of pediatrics which revolves around preventing illness and undesirable conditions rather than treating prevailing conditions. Good pediatricians also need to have a good record through their years of practice. With the day and age of the internet, it is almost impossible to have all perfect reviews because some individuals own personalities clash with the doctor’s  personalities. This does not mean that the pediatrician is not a great doctor. It means that you can not please everyone to their standards all the time.  If most of the reviews are of this kind then this is where I would start thinking twice about that doctor (pediatrician). At least with this provision, one will be sure that the pediatrician whom he will be putting trust in to take care of his or her newborns and kids will not be in vain. Lastly, dealing with pediatricians who have tangible achievements such as awards and a recognition positions will also add great confidence in entrusting the pediatrician on your juniors care. Do a search for your pediatrician. We will make it easy for you to see a search for Doctor Connery. Below are a few links to look over.










Dr, Connery has proven himself time and time again being in practice for himself since 2011 and helping many families in return. Go talk to him and the nurses (staff). See if he is a good fit for your children. All doctors have a different personality and this is part of the piece of the puzzle. It breaks down to competence and likeability. We are a little biased because we know Dr. Connery and we admit this.  That is why we are saying come and see who the man, father, and pediatrician really is.

P.S. His head nurse has been with him since he opened his private office. These are the things that you should look for. If his staff changes like the wind he might not have the best personality you are looking for but if they all love him and have been there since 2011 this means a lot.