Coping With Brothers and Sisters

Being the only child in a family can be quite boring but having brothers and/or sisters comes with its own challenges. Many times conflicts will arise between siblings at home, school, on holidays, and virtually anywhere. The fights can arise for various reasons ranging from who feeds the pet, who will sit in the front seat to drive to school, who rides the bike first if it is to be shared, who does which house hold chores and so on. So just how can you as a child cope with your brothers and sisters in times of conflict and in preventing future ones from occurring?

Practice effective communication

In any effective relationship, communication is important. For siblings it is no different and for harmony to be maintained in the house brothers and sisters need to communicate effectively. Remember that communication is a two-way procedure and so every party involved needs to be ready to talk and listen as well.

Parents you need to instill this into your children. Explain to them that they need to communicate correctly. It is unacceptable to argue and fight with each other..

Talking to each other is the only way to get your point across to your brother or sister. You need to talk to each other calmly and with a clear mind. The time to talk is not when you are both upset but when you are calm. Name callings should never be part of your talk but rather it should be on sound discussions getting your points across to each other. You need to explain clearly exactly what you feel about the various issues causing friction between the two of you and listen as your sibling does the same. The next thing is to come to an fair solution being fair in your thinking. For instance, you cannot expect your brother or sister to remain locked up in his/her room simply because his walking annoys you. Remember that as a family member, they also deserve to use the house space just like you.

Parents you can in the beggining mediate the talks to help guide the correct procedures and to avoid endings in name-callings and shouting.

Do enjoyable things together

There is no better way to bond with a sibling than taking part in activities you both enjoy together. You could work with each other on various projects like special occasion cards for your parents. Some activities you both enjoy like swimming or drawing or anything you both like to spend time with each.

Helping younger siblings with their school projects is a great way to get to know them and create a strong bond. This will help prevent any conflicts that may arise.

Be apologetic, forgiving and ready to compromise

Making mistakes is normal but accepting them is what defines a person. Be ready to apologize for your mistakes and to forgive if a brother/sister says they are sorry for a mistake. Try to understand them and be sympathetic.

To cope with brothers and sisters, the main thing is to remember that they are your family and love them no matter what.

Parents, this is a simple guide to even read to your children if they can not read yet. Having great communication in the house makes living all together a great place to live. We urge you to try it.